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Good day, gentlemen. This is a pre-recorded briefing made prior to your departure and which, for security reasons of the highest importance, has been known on board during the mission only by your H-A-L 9000 computer. Now that you are in Jupiter space and the entire crew is revived, it can be told to you. Eighteen months ago, the first evidence of intelligent life off the Earth was discovered. It was buried forty feet below the lunar surface, near the crater Tycho. Except for a single, very powerful radio emission aimed at Jupiter, the four million-year-old black monolith has remained completely inert, its origin and purpose still a total mystery.

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freddy newandyke (mr. orange) in primary colors

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Aubrey Plaza - Elizabeth Weinberg Photoshoot for Refinery29

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I recently purchased a beautiful 1968 book ‘Exploring Space With a Camera’ by Edgar M Cortright for NASA. The book is full of space photography including shots of pre-Apollo non-manned Moon landings and early flybys of Mars.

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saw the most beautiful girl today

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Jackie Brown (1997) 

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“’No’ is the only control you have as an actor. That’s a big one. And, a good one for me because I’m such a people pleaser, and I’m not so good with boundaries, so that’s definitely something I still work on.”

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2001: A Space Odyssey | 1968 | Stanley Kubrick

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watching dazed and confused again

so g00000d

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Don't Lie
Vampire Weekend

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Marley what’s your url now I want to compliment your soundcloud